Do I have to book or register?

You do not have to book to attend a class, you can pay cash or card at the door. Although you can book and pay online via gymcatch.com to save bringing your purse.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need a yoga mat, big bottle of water, sweat towel and your spirit.

I've never done a class before. Is it suitable for beginners?

Each routine only has 4 simple steps so it's easy to follow along to and moves are repeated often in different routines. Moves can also be simplified and high intensity steps can be modified to a lower intensity. The method to the 4 step routine is so every one can follow along no matter their dance/fitness abilities.

I don't like exercising in a group environment. What is different about your classes?

The lights in the hall are turned off and the disco light on, it's a funky nightclub vibe! The music is turned right up to provide the ultimate fun dance fitness experience!